Project Management

To ensure that the scope of activities plan are aligned with Client’s expectation, this section describes the scope of work to be performed for the project as a whole, as well as the scope of Praisindo’s services. Praisindo application will be implemented for Client at Client Head Office based on the agreed modules based on praisindo functionality and components. Praisindo will provide User Manual which cover Application User Guide and System Operation Manual and also responsible to provide the necessary resources to install application, assisting client during the implementation. There will be max 2 times “train the trainers” conducted in client head Office.Praisindo have standard reports related to Regulatory (Bank Indonesia comply) standard reports.

The methodology that we use to implement this project is as follows:

This stage encompasses the initial structuring of the project. The purpose of this stage is to define project management infrastructure and create an integrated implementation plan.

The activities in this stage include understanding scope and objectives of the project and how it aligns with the Enterprise’s strategy, identifying critical success factors, presenting project budget or cost boundaries, and defining roles and responsibilities.

This stage will require involvement from parties, Praisindo and client. Data migration activities are required here to migrate data from legacy system to the newly implemented one. Basically, the activities are dividing into following activity groups:

  • Data Migration Preparation
  • Data Migration Test Run
  • Data Migration Execution

Training and validation stage mainly focuses on quality assurance, integrating testing, end user training, and user acceptance testing before the new system going live. In this stage, there will be 3 steps require:

  • System Integration Testing
  • Training
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Go-Live and Closure stage mainly focuses on rolling out the system into production environment and formally complete all the project details and perform project handover to client. Here is the stages of Go-live and Closure:

  • Data Conversion
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Go-Live
  • Project Completion
  • Post Implementation Support


Over the years, we have improvised on our methodology to provide for training through constant learning and acquiring feedbacks from our past trainees. We formulated a methodology of using a mixture of ‘Train the trainer’ and direct end user ‘on the job’ training. We have experienced that this double prong approach provides significant benefits to our clients such as:

  • Skills or knowledge transfer to client staff
  • Ownership of the new system by client staff
  • Reduced implementation Costs

Together with our proposed investment management solution to Praisindo, we will also provide the related documentations. We believe that documentation plays a crucial role in the system implementation and transfer of knowledge. Documentation is prepared to hold various information ranging from technical reference material to user requirement reports or even as proof of work completion.

Technical Support

We take great pride in our commitment towards providing high quality maintenance and resourceful support services to all our clients. Client will also benefit from our constant effort to improvise our product through understanding of our client’s feedback or complaints.

We are proposing upon obtaining their Final Acceptance Certificate, a one-year warranty period where the post implementation services will be undertaken by the Technical Support Team. During warranty period, client will benefit maintenance services such as upgrades and releases at no additional cost as well as unlimited support calls on issues arise. We have planned session of post implementation workshops to revisit the project implemented at PRAISINDO office and to conduct refreshment workshops to ensure effectiveness of the implementation.

Upon the expiry of the warranty period, client can subscribe to our full maintenance service for the system immediately. We will provide Maintenance Agreement to be agreed and accepted by client whereby it covers the supply of maintenance and support services, along with mode of support and other related support procedures and policies offered.

We take a great pride in providing high quality maintenance services to our clients. We constantly strive to maintain or improve the performance of our product by providing suitable maintenance service. Our maintenance services consist of the following main activities:

  • Preventive Measures
    • Our Technical Support team will perform Preventive Measures on a quarterly or half yearly basis whereby they will go on site to the clients’ office and perform Praisindo checks for example on database server.

  • Enhancement Program
    • Our developer and support team constantly working together to find ways to improvise our product to make it a better system with lots more powerful features and even more user-friendly. When the time comes for the system to be upgraded, client will enjoy the upgrades and so does all of our clients.

  • Request for services by User
    • In our maintenance package, we also provide a comprehensive and dedicated support team to response to request for services from all our clients. PRAISINDO will find this very helpful as it will ensure smooth operational for the organization.

    A. Support services and procedures

    We also provide professional high quality support services for client to complement our maintenance services. Users are able to send their enquiries or report of bugs to our Help Desk.

    Our Help Desk services ensure high levels of user satisfaction, enhance productivity, and effectively use resources. Help Desk personnel will provide answers to routine questions quickly, help the user to learn how to perform simple diagnostics and functions, understand the applications, and are able to identify effectively what resources are necessary to handle a problem.

    The Help Desk Management includes the items below:

    • Call Management
    • Users call the Help Desk for the proposed application and supported hardware related services.

    • Incident Management
    • Users call the Help Desk to request assistance in the resolution of project incidents. Enhance Help Desk efficiency can be achieved with remote control tools, network monitoring tools and software distribution tools.

    • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management as stipulated agreement
    • This service provides users the ability to track service level performance of service providers. SLA Management automates the tracking of critical metrics like system availability, service response time and end user entitlement priority within the Help Desk environment.

    • Knowledge Management
    • This service provides users the ability to systematically capture and organize the organizations knowledge, may it be IT, HR or any other knowledge that needs to be managed, to increase the effectiveness of their employees.

    • Standard hours of services & Mode of support services
    • Our support provided range from normal business hours on Monday to Friday from 9.00 am - 6.00 p.m. In addition, we also provide support via phone on weekend and during public holiday. Our support team provides the support services during Normal Business Hours. All requests for service shall initially be serviced by telephone support to the client’s office and will be attended as first line support to do a quick diagnostic exercise. To provide the mode of support provided during Normal Business Hours, support can be provided on three levels:

      • Telephone Support
      • Modem Support (the “Client” is to prepare the access rights to the system)
      • On-site Support (when the Support level 1 and 2 is not sufficient)

Our Clients