Investment Management System

Praisindoi-IMS will covers all aspects of your investment activities from front office include marketing activities to back office includes accounting. External interface in the form of Integration is provided to integrate seamlessly to your business partners.

Praisindoi-IMS - Praisindo Integrated Investment Management System consist of 2 (two) modules SIAP Server comprises of Analysis & Simulation, Portfolio Management), Compliance , Fund Admin and Fund Accounting, Performance & Risk and Dashboard & Reporting, and SIAR Server comprises of Investor & Sales Portal , KSI-BOX – Security Appliance, Unit Registry, Compliance/AML, Commission & Fee and Dashboard & Reporting. Both modules can be implemented separately or integrated into one complete investment management suite.

In response to the necessity analysis and the understanding stated previously, our best approach is to implement "Praisindo IMS" solution, which is a proof of our dedicated development upon our experiences in supporting the needs of Investment System. Since our solution is built in a modular and component concept, we will be able to resolve our solution along with Client’s requisition. As for the surrounding application, our approach is to provide SOA-based interfaces correspond with the messaging format of each system.

Wealth Management System

Praisindo WMS is designed for financial institutions focused on the most profitable customer segment - high net worth individuals who aim to increase their net worth through good investment portfolio management practices. Its customer centric approach and one-to-one marketing features will not only enable you to deliver customer services, but also help you to increase customer acquisition, retention, and profitability.

Support a wide range of financial instruments – P-WMS allows financial institutions to manage their customers' total net worth, including portfolio holdings such as mutual funds, bonds, equity-linked deposits, high-value deposits, stocks, etc.

Praisindo WMS- Provide unique CRM function and features:

  • A single real-time view of the customers' total financial picture, including summary and detailed transactions.
  • A single real-time view of the customers' total financial picture, including summary and detailed transactions.
  • A single consolidated customer statement.
  • A single view on multiple accounts and/or, joint accounts.
  • Enquiry of total customer values and profitability information.
  • Relationship and special promotional pricing.
  • Cross selling information.

Praisindo WMS Features:

  • Processing applications to buy units, redemptions and transfers of units between funds.
  • Maintenance of the unit holders' register.
  • Recording distributions of income to unit holders.
  • Managing reinvestment plans, savings plans, and regular income plans on behalf of unit holders.
  • Tracking the investments by unit holders in multiple funds.
  • Calculation and reporting of fees and commissions.
  • Client reporting and inquiry.
  • Complex fee calculation.
  • Extensive reporting features.
  • Capability to process Omnibus transaction from Selling Agent.
  • Extensive enquiry capability.
  • Elegant Web and/or Windows User interface.
  • Multi currency, multi-user.
  • Flexible reporting using industry standard reporting tools.

Reksa Dana Online

Praisindo Investor Portal RDO aims to function as a virtual branch of the Asset Management Company (Manufacturer) or Banks or others Mutual Fund Distributors.

Praisindo RDO provides both financial as well as non-financial transactions such as purchase, switch, redemption, change of bank mandate etc. Using this solution, investors in a mutual fund can transact online as well as get access to their Account statements. The solution adds value by submitting these transactions directly to the registrar thereby eliminating any operational maintenance for the Mutual Fund Company..

Our Investor Portal enables investors to purchase (using a payment gateway), redeem (into the redemption account) and switch reinvestment options for the various schemes offered by a Fund House. The product comes with hooks for integrating with IVR (In the future), Mobile Phones and other such channels. This is a web-based solution utilizing the web services facility.


Praisindo KSI-BOX is a high-performance security, routing and network solutions for small, medium, enterprise class businesses, and service providers. KSI-BOX pack high port-density, advanced security, and flexible connectivity, into a single, easily managed platform that supports fast, secure, and highly-available, data center and branch operations.

KSIBOX is based on FreeBSD, FreeBSD is a proven operating system which delivers security and advanced protection services, the foundation of the world's largest networks. FreeBSD also supports rich routing capabilities, and FreeBSD's unique architecture provides reliable service operations and manageability, even under the highest loads.

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