First in Indonesia, Online Bond Transactions with Bank Permata

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July 14, 2017
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November 22, 2017

First in Indonesia, Online Bond Transactions with Bank Permata

Jakarta, September 11, 2017,  Bank Permata today launched one of their most anticipated project the PermataBank E-Bond. It is the first of its kind in Indonesia whereas individual customers can simply use their computers or gadgets to do bond transactions thru their internet banking platform.

Bank Permata is of course one of Praisindo’s long standing clients, and the E-Bond project as one of our latest cooperation together.

We sincerely hope that this latest solutions from Praisindo would give positive boost in Bank Permata’s Wealth Management business.

About Praisindo

Founded in 2003, during the heights of the Internet penetration and information technology advances era, P.T Praisindo has been providing high quality software development and system integration works in various cities across the Indonesian archipelago, as well as handling several outsourcing works from overseas clients. We offer custom-made solutions in which we frequently use standards-based work-processes, technological processes and documents.

Our dedicated team of dynamic technology specialists, both in traditional legacy systems as well as Internet technologies, have engaged in various solution provisioning projects to increase Return on Investment (ROI) of IT Projects by leveraging on optimised process automation techniques, enabling effective communication, and enhancing revenue growth for our clients. Among the few products that we have developed are Wealth Management System, Investment Management System and Internet/Network Security/Management System.

Praisindo is able to list prominent organisations and business houses among its client base; which itself speaks for the quality of our works and the professionalism offered by the team.