Praisindo’s breakfasting 2017

Praisindo Annual Meeting 2017
April 11, 2017
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September 11, 2017

Praisindo’s breakfasting 2017

16 june 2017

Welcoming the fasting month this year, Praisindo held a warm event sharing with unfortunate kids from orphanage. Praisindo has a dedication to share with unfortunate people, especially with special occasion on Ramadan. The event held in our front yard, attended with our commissary and directors; Mr Suryadi, Mr Hazairin, and Mr Boyke Bader Brillianto.

This event run very smoothly. Starting with a talk by the Ustad and read the Holy Quran together. By the time of breakfasting, we eat together with the orphanage kids from Yayasan Nurul Iman Jafariah. It was a fun togetherness with all the staff and also all the kids from the orphanage.

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